About me

I am Peter Wu (a.k.a. Lekensteyn), CS student at the University of Technology in Eindhoven, programmer, Free/Libre Open Source Software enthusiast, Arch Linux user and twin (hi Rob!).

Got some Linux, Ubuntu or programming question? I might already have answered them for you at Stack Exchange!

Of course you can also get in touch with me by mail: peter@lekensteyn.nl, or Twitter (@Lekensteyn), and my RPi keeps me active on Freenode IRC as Lekensteyn.

Pages and articles


You can find a more extensive list of my (open-source) projects in my git repositories on Github or git.lekensteyn.nl. A selection of interesting projects I have been working on:

Unmaintained projects

These projects have rotten a bit, but may still appear useful to some.


Sometimes, I really have an urge to drop a file somewhere, that's why I have a files section.